Cutting Corners on a Scroll Saw

Typically, you don't want to cut corners in anything related to woodworking. But when you're working with a scroll saw, cutting corners is one of those skills that comes with a lot of practice. 

I cut corners two ways:

1. Continuous Turns

2. Out and Back Method

You can see both in the video below:

For continuous turns, these are the corners that are typically 45 degrees or more. As you approach your turn, keep your speed steady and gently turn your board as you continue to guide your material through the blade. If you try to speed up, you risk losing control and over cutting. On my Dewalt scroll saw, my speed is usually around or 4/5 while doing these turns. 

For out and back corners, these are corners that are very sharp, typically 45 degrees and lower. You follow your line into the corner, then back out, cut across to the other side, and then cut back into the other side of the corner. You would then turn your board and continue cutting along the line of your pattern.

For your reference, this is 1/2" MDF and I am using a double reverse tooth #5 blade. 

Let me know if this helps and if you have any questions in the comments!

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